The Gathering Well Podcast

Lesson Ten: Hebrews 13

July 01, 2020 Hazel McCluskey, Jazmin Caton, Anna Spindler
The Gathering Well Podcast
Lesson Ten: Hebrews 13
Show Notes

Today on The Gathering Well Podcast Hazel teaches through the final chapter of Hebrews. The author gives very practical steps for how to apply what we've been learning for the past 12 chapters. Hazel wraps up by discussing the key themes and the biggest take away that she gathered from the study; remain faithful, hold on to hope, encourage each other in love.

Study With Us
This week corresponds with Lesson 10 of our study Hebrews: An Anchor of Hope in a Sea of Feelings. You can get your copy here: Thanks so much for joining us on this journey through Hebrews, we have loved studying with you for the past 11 weeks. We pray that this has been a fruitful study for you and that you have been encouraged, empowered and equipped in your walk and relationship with Jesus. If you have been studying with us, we would love to see what your doing on, tag us on social media @thegatheringwell.

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